Family Photography

You have 18 Summers with your Children

18.  That’s it.  18 Summers and they are out the door.  How many have you missed?  

Being a father I always joke about waiting to kick my sons out of the house.  Now that my oldest is in high school and my youngest is going into 6th grade, those jokes aren’t so funny any more.  I think about how little time I have left.  I hope Deven makes the right choices with everything I have taught him because he’s almost out of the house.  What will I have to look at then?

One of the many reasons family photography is important to me is the very topic I just talked about.  The 2nd is that I love walking into my home being able to look at photos of my children every day.  They aren’t on my computer.  They are on my wall, they are on my desk and on my nightstand.

Wouldn’t you want the same thing?  

Designed for Your Home

Our goal is to create images that you will love having in your home.  Our family photography is designed to work with your home.  Your session is designed to fit your needs, home colors, and lighting.

Your Family Milestones

5, 9, 13, 18 are some of the best milestones for your children.

They are either about to lose teeth, start wanting independence or start hitting those teen years where everything changes.  Of course, the big independence year of 18 before they leave the home and celebrate their new freedom.

Free Consultation (199 Value)

We offer all of our booking clients a free home consultation to help design your family photos for your home.  

• Are we planning for something above a fireplace, along the stairwell or near windows?

• Do we need to match the current decor?